Subaru Legacy

Since 1990-1998 of release

Repair and car operation

Subaru Legasi
+ 1.1. Identification numbers
+ 2. Maintenance service
+ 3. Engines
+ 4. Heating, ventilation
+ 5. Fuel system
+ 6. An exhaust system
+ 7. Systems of start, ignition
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling, shaft
+ 10. Brake system
- 11. A suspension bracket
   11.1. Introduction
   11.2. Technical characteristics
   - 11.3. A forward rack
      11.3.1. Repair of a forward rack
      11.3.2. The forward stabilizer of cross-section stability
      11.3.3. The bottom lever of a forward suspension bracket
      11.3.4. Replacement of the bottom hinge of a forward suspension bracket
      11.3.5. A rotary fist
   + 11.4. A rack of a back suspension bracket
   11.5. An air self-levelled suspension bracket
+ 12. A steering
+ 13. A body
+ 14. An electric equipment

11.3. A forward rack


1. Lift a forward part of the car and fix on supports. Remove a corresponding forward wheel.
2. Disconnect a brake hose from an arm on a forward rack and a support. Close a brake hose a stopper.
3. If the car is equipped by antiblocking system, disconnect an electric socket from gauge ABS.
4. Put a label on the top bolt of fastening of a forward rack to a rotary fist.
5. Note rack position on a rotary fist.
6. Unscrew two bolts of fastening (the right arrow) rotary fist to the bottom part of a forward rack (the left arrow – a bolt of fastening of a wire of gauge ABS).
7. Take the top part of a rotary fist from a rack and establish a rotary fist on a support.

The prevention

If the new forward rack is established, combine a label on a ledge of a rack and a label on a fastening bolt to keep a corner of disorder of a wheel.

8. Keeping a rack from falling, unscrew three nuts of the top fastening of a forward rack.
9. Lower a rack and take from under a forward wing.


1. Establish a rack into place and by hand screw three nuts of the top fastening of a forward rack.
2. Insert the top part of a rotary fist into a forward rack and fix bolts.
3. Establish gauge ABS.
4. Fix on a forward rack a brake hose and screw it on a support. Remove air from brake system.
5. Establish a wheel and lower the car.
6. Tighten three nuts of fastening of the top part of a forward rack.
7. Check up, and if necessary, adjust corners of installation of forward wheels.